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Daybooks is a complete accounting and business management software for small and medium scale organizations and professional practices.
Daybooks consists of four major features


This module is based on standard accounting principles and automated to relieve the user of the need for accounting skills so all that is needed is simply to fill user-friendly forms on-screen, and the system will automatically do all the necessary accounting entries for you, just like that! Can be used for every manner of accounting operations and customizable for special service sectors including schools, educational services, shipping/haulage, media/advertising, healthcare, photography/digital imaging, hotel/hospitality, cleaning/laundry, membership/subscription type services including clubs, societies, churches, COOP, etc. financial services, rentals, etc.



Full Stock Management
This module is ideal for every type of merchandising enterprise including chemists, supermarkets, gift item shops, optical products, petroleum products marketing, household / office appliances, science and medical laboratory equipment, computer / electronics stores, bookshops, resource centers, food stuff stores, building materials (plumbing, paints, electrical, etc.),

Basic Accounting
Apart from its comprehensive stock control features, this module also comes with all the basic accounting facilities required to monitor the naira value of stock as well as related issues like credit customers and vendors accounts and bank lodgements / withdrawals.

Point of sale


In addition to the basic keeping of employee data, this module helps the organization to automate the preparation of salaries of workers a well as track their employment progress.
The module is useful for every organization that maintains paid staff, especially those with up to ten workers and those engaged in manufacturing activities.



The purpose of this module is to enable organizations involved in production activities track their costs right from labour and materials to overheads through the entire production process until the finished goods are produced. Hence, it provides accurate and timely data for product costing and management decision making. The operation of this module also strongly encourages the practice of budgeting in the organization
The module is indispensable for organizations producing such goods as concrete blocks, form products, furniture, carpet, farm implements, books, garments, etc.
Such organizations will need to purchase the other three modules in addition to this costing module to complete the full manufacturing capability.

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